Let's cuddle!

Hi! I'm Nick.

At the end of 2020 I decided to start offering professional touch services in and around Rochester, New York. In the past few years we've seen an uptick in professional cuddling services, and I think they've come at the perfect time. People need to be touched in a safe and non-sexual way, and these services can provide needed comfort and support.

Men, in my opinion and experience, can be especially starved for touch. Regardless of sexual orientation, men in the western world are expected to be emotionally distant and physically cold. It's not masculine to want to experience platonic touch, especially with another man.

For that reason, I'm offering these services exclusively to men (self-identified). Read on to learn about the touch services I offer, and what the process can look like.

Cuddling and Touch

If you're looking for something more straight forward, a cuddling session could be a perfect choice.

A typical cuddling session is just exactly what it sounds like: you and I will physically cuddle in whatever way or place you most prefer. We can chat, or be silent, or watch a movie, or sleep, or whatever. My goal is to create a space where you can enjoy male intimacy without it being sexual.

I want us to work within your comfort zone to find something that works for you.

Before we schedule a cuddling session, you and I will meet in a public place and talk. We'll decide if we are both comfortable moving into a physically intimate relationship, we will discuss expectations, as well as discussing boundaries. This public meeting is free of charge. A public place could be a parking lot, a park, a coffee shop, even your driveway!

The pictures on this page are recent. I am 33 years old, 5'9", approximately 240 pounds, and, as you can see from the photos, I shave my head, and have a beard. I wear glasses, have a couple small tattoos (left chest, right ankle), and will continue to update these photos as my appearance changes.

While spirituality is an important part of my life and work, it absolutely does not need to be a part of your cuddling experience if you don't want it to be. This cuddling session is literally just about cuddling. If you want something more spiritual, more ritualized, or more generally woo woo, check out the services listed farther down this page.

$50 per hour

Cuddling +

A regular cuddling session plus either reiki or a tarot reading. For a cuddling + reiki session, the cuddling may be a bit more firm (open palms exerting slightly stronger pressure on your body). I'll use my entire body to direct healing energy into you. For a cuddling + tarot session, we'll start by laying down some cards, and then we'll cuddle as we talk about what they might mean.

1 hour - $75

Reiki and Spiritual Healing

While this practice is based on the concept that universal life energy is flowing around us all the time and can be directed into our bodies to relieve physical and mental issues, a fundamental component of the practice is physical touch. You will lay comfortably on your back or stomach (or you will start on one side and eventually flip to the other) while I move from point to point on your body, placing my open palms directly on you. I will channel energy through my arms and hands and into your body. I will use my intuition to choose how long to stay at each point (points which are part of an established system).

A session generally takes about an hour, but may run over with meditation/cool down time at the end. I will play relaxing music and dim the lights so you can relax as deeply as possible. While it is most common for people to remain quiet (and even fall asleep) during a session, you are welcome to speak to me, or yourself.

A healing session can be held in a bed (with me standing beside you), on the floor, or even in a chair. We can find a position to work best for you.

1 hour - $100

General Guidelines

It is extremely preferable that we hold our sessions at your home. I believe that you would be the most comfortable in your own space, and am more than willing to come to you to maintain that sanctity. If you are unable to or unwilling to have me at your home, we can discuss coming to my home, or getting a hotel room (at your cost). If you do choose to book a hotel room, I'd be happy to offer you a free additional hour of cuddling or reiki to help make up the cost. I can also host you in my apartment in Irondequoit if need be.

If you decide you'd be most comfortable coming to my apartment to cuddle: PLEASE be aware that I have a cat, and that I do smoke (w33d) in my bedroom. Despite always blowing smoke out the sliding glass door, and despite an air filter in that room running constantly, there is sometimes the smell of smoke in the air. If you are allergic to cats or sensitive to smoke, this may not be a good option for you. Also know that I do have a partner who works from home, so I will only schedule appointments in our apartment when they are working, and I will only have sessions in my bedroom (where we can close the door).

Payment will be accepted BEFORE the session via Venmo (@nick_foos) or CashApp ($foos87) or PayPal. Cards (credit or debit) can also be accepted. Let me know if that's your preference so I can bring my card readers with me (tap, chip, or swipe). Cash is not preferred.

Payment is made before the cuddling begins. Any changes to the scheduled time (for instance, if you want to add an hour to the current session) must be paid for in the moment, as we agree to the new times.

NEW: Appointments scheduled at my apartment will now require a 50% deposit paid when the appointment is made. This deposit is nonrefundable and is transferable only once (for example, if you cancel your appointment and reschedule, you do not need to pay another deposit. The $25 you already paid for a one hour appointment can be applied to your new appointment. However, if you cancel your second appointment, the deposit will no longer be applied to any future appointments). Exclusions may apply.

Sessions can be cancelled and rescheduled at no cost up to 24 hours before your session. If you have paid a deposit, I will offer to refund it or apply it to your next appointment (scheduled at that time).

Cuddling sessions have a minimum commitment of 1 hour (meaning I am unable to schedule sessions less than one hour long). If you want to end a session before the one hour minimum, you will not receive a refund, prorated or otherwise.

I will set a timer to alert us when the hour is up, but don't feel like you need to immediately jump up and leave! A few minutes to get ourselves together is totally fine.

Code of Ethics

Here is a copy of a general code of ethics for professional cuddlers and their clients that was developed by professional cuddlers and edited by me. Being that I am offering these services exclusively to men, and knowing that men very often experience the world in a more directly sexual way, I wanted to add a slight addendum to this code.

First of all, let me just say that these services are NOT sexual in nature. This is not code. If you're looking for a happy ending, you'll be sorely disappointed. That being said, I understand that most men have penises, and that those organs can and do behave by their own rules. If we are cuddling or doing reiki, I will not be upset or offended if you get an erection. If we are cuddling and your erection touches me, that's fine. It's natural and since we have decided that we are not creating a sexual space, it's ok to let the erection come and go and to not pay much attention to it.

However, it would be crossing a line were you to grind on me, begin to masturbate, or otherwise turn the session into a sexual one. I will ask you to stop. If you can't or won't, I will leave. Depending on the specific circumstances, I may refuse you service in the future.

Part of the idea is to divorce physical intimacy from sexuality so we can experience intimacy and emotional connection on their own if we so desire.

The code of ethics also talked about not cuddling nude. Generally, I agree and will suggest we stay in clothes of some sort. However, I believe full skin on skin contact is healing, and will consider nude cuddling on a case by case basis with trusted clients only. We should talk about what clothing you would feel most comfortable with before we meet to cuddle. Street clothes, pajamas, and underwear are all fine.

Covid-19 Comments

On April 11, 2021 I got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. My second and final dose is scheduled for May 2.

The United States has decided to value the economy over the lives of its citizens, so we are, as of this writing, coming up on a year of pandemic sanctions. Close contact like cuddling and reiki can be especially risky. Because of this fact, we will need to consider the people you and I would each be putting at risk by coming in close contact. Whether or not we schedule a session will depend, in part, on this.

I am happy to meet with or without a mask. That depends on your comfort, as well as your risk factors.

We have been told to avoid human beings at all cost for 11 months. This isn't possible in the long term. We must calculate the risk and move on from there.

You should know that I work in retail, and therefore have to come in contact with the general public fairly often. Every day I work I have my temperature taken. If anything is abnormal or if either one of us is in any way not feeling well, we need to let the other person know.

Pandemic Cuddling at my Place

If you'd like to cuddle at my apartment, I do have some availability (when my partner is working from home, in a different room). Prior to your visit, soft surfaces are vacuumed before (bed sheets and comforter are laundered). Hard surfaces are cleaned with a disinfectant cleaner that has been tested against the Coronavirus. Areas such as doors and door knobs and the bathroom will have the cleaner sprayed on (after cleaning) and left to air dry (per instructions). Some clients have expressed that they would feel safer if they brought their own (new) set of sheets. If that will make you comfortable, that's fine with me. We can make the bed as part of our pre-cuddle chat.

I'll have freshly washed cloth masks available if you don't have one.

There is a HEPA air purifier in my bedroom that runs constantly during weather that requires the windows to be closed and is well taken care of.

I have a touchless forehead thermometer that we can use to make sure neither one of us is running a fever. We'll use hand sanitizer to sanitize ourselves (legs, arms, etc).

If there is anything else you can think of that would make the sessions more comfortable to you or if there are things that you feel would make it more safe to have contact during a pandemic, definitely let me know. I came into this work knowing it would be risky behavior, and I'd do as much as I could to reduce that risk. I'm always eager to further reduce that risk!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you kiss?

A: Nope! This is a completely platonic situation that does not involve kissing, fondling, frotting, or masturbation. Questions surrounding how sexual I'm willing to get are the most asked questions. While I feel like I've been super clear on this website and in my advertising, the answer is: NO. None. I will not engage in sexuality in any way with someone I am developing a professional relationship with. My goal here is to help you separate intimacy and sexuality. While I recognize that that goal might be a long-term goal, we both need to want to separate those experiences.

Q: Are you free right now?

A: Probably not. I'm honestly not good at spontaneous scheduling. Let's schedule something tomorrow!

Find more FAQ and answers here!

Contact me + Additional Services

Please contact me by emailing me at nick.foos at gmail.com or fill out the form on this page :)

Text ONLY: (315)573-3861

(I'm a millennial so I just straight up do not talk on the phone. Text or email or hit me up on instagram to chat)

If you are looking for other and/or gender-neutral services, please check out my etsy shop.